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Here are a few sites that you should check out. They are the best things going right now and almost anything that you need will be covered. Just click on any of the underlined words.


Wrestling Promotions:


World Wrestling Federation - Check out the latest on Stone Cold, The Rock, and all your favorites.

World Championship Wrestling - If you must follow Goldberg and the NWO, this is the place to go.

Extreme Championship Wrestling - The site for true Hardcore fans.

Southern Championship Wrestling - The place to go to see the hottest independent wrestling in the South.

NWA Wrestling - The driving force of independents in the North.

Omega Wrestling - Home of such stars as the Hardy Boyz, Venom, and Cham Pain.

IPWA Wrestling - Virginia's leading independent wrestling promotion featuring stars like CueBall Carmichael.



Juice - One of my toughest opponents, and one of the hottest stars of SCW.

Steve Corino- Steve trained me and is now in ECW blowing up!!!

CW Anderson- The Chairman of Indie Wrestling and bad boy of SCW.

Toad - The Man setting the new standard for what Hardcore wrestling means.

Lodi - Star of WCW and former tag team partner of Toad.

Otto Schwanz - The site of the "German Beef", and tough SOB.

The Serial Thrillaz - Quite possibly the hottest tag team on the indie circuit today.

Natrone Steele- Star of the WWO.

Scab- WWO standout who is starting to invade SCW.

Chezrae the Idolmaker- "Bank It, Baby", when Chez is in your corner.  Manager to the stars.

Joe Rules- It's not just a name, It's a FACT!!

The Original Suburban Hoods- A hot tag team from the north saying that "Bigger is Better"


Wrestling News and Information:

Wrestlemaniacs - Your one stop spot for the latest information on wrestling news and rumors.

The Indie Informer - The new place to go for up to the minute details on the indy curcuit.



Rap Sheet - Find out who NiteStic really is. Most Wanted-Find out who the toughest opponents are for NiteStic to face.
Awards and Citations - Check out what NiteStic has done. News and Informants-Find out where NiteStic is gonna be and how he did at the show.
Follow-Up Investigation- Merchandise, Links Surveillance Photos- Check out fan photos, and pictures of NiteStic in Action.



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